Neo Syndicate Street Team

Join the Neo Syndicate Street Team!

Build an awareness of the music label through word of mouth in your city

Hand out music dropcards when a new single is released and engage in conversation with audience

Meet Tatiana, our marketing director.

Let's jam!

Find opportunities for Neo Syndicate Production artist to perform in your city and receive 10% commission

Post weekly content to our blog on website

Liaison with marketing director on a bi-monthly basis to report on progress

Drive traffic to website and create customer experiences

Increase followers on social media platforms: Instagram & Facebook

Our Incentive Program
= $$ for YOU!

Neo Syndicate Production wants to make this experience fun and creative! Here’s how our incentives work:

For every music dropcard downloaded in your region, you will receive $2 each

Reach a local area radio station and have them play a Neo Syndicate Production single and receive $50!

Contact us for details